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WELCOME to one of the longest running websites out there that is devoted to Oliver Copp's brilliant wrestling simulator, TNM7. This is THE place for anything and everything TNM, from plugins that you can download to wrestler export files that you can add to the TNM database.

Most export files on this site are made by me. Please do not link to or use any of them on another website without my permission. If you want to send in any of your own export files so that I can post them on this site, then e-mail them to me and I will credit them to you.

Updates for December 17th, 2018:
Added exports of Brody King, Maxwell Jacob Friedman and PCO to the
Indie page.

Updates for December 4th, 2018:
Added exports of Hirooki Goto, Michael Elgin and Taichi to the Puro page.

Updates for December 1st, 2018:
Added exports of Candice LeRae, Dakota Kai and Lacey Evans to the NXT page.  Also updated the current exports of Bianca Belair and Otis Dozovic.

Updates for November 15th, 2018:
Added exports of Minoru Suzuki and Tomohiro Ishii to the Puro page.

Updates for November 13th, 2018:
Fixed the Jeff Hardy export and updated the Shinsuke Nakamura export on the WWE page.  Please refer to the notes on each for details.
Added exports of EC3, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch to the
NXT page.  Also updated the Pete Dunne export.
Added exports of Bad Luck Fale, El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemura to the
Puro page.
Added an export of Joey Janela to the
Indie page.
More NXT and NJPW exports are on the way!
As part of bringing you this latest update I had to sit through quite a few Bad Luck Fale matches.  Isn’t that enough to send a couple bucks to my PayPal to support the site??

Updates for October 19th, 2018:
Added exports of Kairi Sane, Shayna Baszler, Bianca Belair, Kassius Ohno, Heavy Machinery (Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight), Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford) and The Mighty (Nick Miller and Shane Thorne) to the NXT page.

Updates for October 9th, 2018:
Added exports of Fenix and Pentagon Jr. to the Impact page.
Added an export of Hangman Page to the ROH page.
Added exports of The Young Bucks (Nick and Matt Jackson), Guerrillas of Destiny (Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa) and Roppongi 3K (SHO and YOH) to the Puro page.
To keep these new export files coming, please consider supporting the site by donating using the PayPal button above. Thank you!

Updates for September 23rd, 2018:
Added exports of Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly, Ricochet and Roderick Strong to the NXT page.
Added an export of Flip Gordon, as well as exports of Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly that I had actually made last year, to the ROH page.  The Fish and O'Reilly exports are different files to those above.

Updates for September 16th, 2018:
Added a new export of Velveteen Dream and updated exports of Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa to the NXT page.
Added a new export of current X Division Champion Brian Cage to the Impact page.
Added updated exports of Marty Scurll, TK O’Ryan and Vinny Marseglia to the ROH page.
Added new exports of Hiromu Takahashi and Taiji Ishimori and an updated export of Kazuchika Okada to the Puro page.
If you like what I’m doing and want to make a donation to the site, please use the PayPal donation button above!  Thanks to those who have kindly donated already.

Updates for August 28th, 2018:
The first updated full WWE export pack since July 2011 is now available to download from t
he WWE page!  Please note that this file contains 116 wrestlers and will add a LOT of new moves to your database, so be careful!
I am currently working on new exports of Lio Rush, Ronda Rousey and Zelina Vega, but I haven’t seen enough of them on the main roster in order to be able to create an accurate file for each at the moment.  Watch this space!
I have also added exports of Akam, Rezar, No Way Jose (all of the existing NXT versions have been updated) and Big Show to the WWE page.
Believe it or not, I do try and weigh up whether it is really necessary to create new moves before adding them to the database.  After reviewing recent creations, I have amended some of the movesets of the WWE wrestler files to remove unnecessary moves (including several “rest holds” - you can read more on this topic here).  You’ll find all the details on the WWE page.
Also, I have added a PayPal donation button at the top of this page.  I have been making TNM 7 export files for almost twenty years and it is something I really enjoy in order to help support the TNM community, but this does take a lot of time and effort.  I have received a great deal of positive feedback for my work and if you have made use of the exports I have made over the years then I am always grateful for donations that show your appreciation.  I have set up this page so that you can do just that.  Also, the more donations I get, the more I can put towards all the wrestling subscription services there are these days (WWE Network, ROH Honor Club, New Japan World, FloSlam etc etc) and thus generate better quality and more realistic export files.  Thanks all!

Updates for August 20th, 2018:
Added Bobby Lashley and SAnitY (Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain) to the WWE page.
Updated the existing exports of Bray Wyatt, Brock Lesnar, Elias and Shinsuke Nakamura
.  For details, please check the WWE page.

Updates for August 19th, 2018:
Nick Aldis to the Indie exports page.  I have only recently discovered that it is impossible to arrange for a wrestler to hit the same move twice in succession.  If you select the same move for setup and follow-up in a combo, it will cause an infinite loop until the move is countered.  I therefore had to come up with a workaround by creating a new move called "pinning power bomb”, in order to give Aldis his double power bomb spot as a combo.
Also, as a result of this, I have amended the existing exports of Becky Lynch, Jason Jordan, Matt Riddle and Titus O’Neil; all previously had the same move for setup and follow-up in a combo.

Updates for July 17th, 2018:
Added Isami Kodaka to the Japan exports page.
Added Ivelisse and Jax Dane to the Indie exports page.

Updates for July 4th, 2018:
Added War Machine (Hanson and Raymond Rowe) to the ROH exports page.

Updates for June 23rd, 2018:
Added The IIconics (Billie Kay and Peyton Royce) to the WWE page.
Added an updated export of Kota Ibushi to the
Japan exports page.

Updates for June 4th, 2018:
Added Andrade Almas, Drew McIntyre and Ember Moon to the WWE page.
Added an updated export of Will Ospreay to the
Japan exports page.

Updates for May 14th, 2018:
Added Cody to the ROH exports page.
Added Hiroshi Tanahashi and Zack Sabre Jr. to the Japan exports page.
Added Buddy Murphy to the WWE page.

Updates for April 27th, 2018:
Added David Finlay and Jay White to the Japan exports page.

Updates for April 22nd, 2018:
Added No Way Jose to the NXT exports page.
Added Dalton Castle to the ROH exports page.
Added Juice Robinson and Kento Miyahara to the Japan exports page.
Added Matt Riddle and WALTER to the Indie exports page.

Updates for April 6th, 2018:
Created a page for NXT exports today and you will find ten newly created exports there, including WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne, former NXT Tag Team Champions The Authors of Pain, Aleister Black and Lars Sullivan.

Added exports of the three of the best wrestlers in the world to the Puroresu page, Kazuchika Okada, Kenny Omega and Tetsuya Naito.

Updates for April 1st, 2018:
24 new exports added to the WWE page, including Absolution, Mustafa Ali, Lana and the Riott Squad.  Tweaked a few of the existing exports there as well.

And with that, my project to update the entire current WWE roster is complete!  Need a lie down now.

Updates for March 3rd, 2018:
Another thirteen new exports added to the WWE page, including Chad Gable, Breezango and The Ascension.

Updates for February 9th, 2018:
Another thirteen new exports added to the WWE page, including Braun Strowman and The Revival.

Updates for January 28th, 2018:
Thirteen new and updated exports added to the WWE page.  Also corrected/updated the existing Charlotte Flair and Finn Balor exports.
Added an updated export of “The Villain” Marty Scurll to the ROH page.

Updates for January 11th, 2018:
45 (Forty-five!) new and updated exports added to the WWE page.

Updates for January 10th, 2018:
New exports added to the Puroresu and Ring of Honor pages.

Updates for January 5th, 2018:
I have started the process of uploading almost 100 new exports, over half of which are from the current WWE roster.
Some of them require a bit of tweaking, but I hope to have them all on the site over the next week or so.

The first exports uploaded are for Impact Wrestling.

Updates for January 4th, 2018:
Hi all,

Happy New Year everybody!

For those of you who aren’t aware, over the past year or so I have been making wrestler export files for TNM 7 and uploading them on the TNM 3:16 message boards.

I will upload all of the new exports here in due course.

Since starting to make exports again, I have scrutinised the moves database in fine detail and I have come to realise that the move list on this site contained a lot of glaring errors.  I have now taken this down as it is not reflective of the moves database used to make these latest exports.  I have plans to update the move list (one day) and am trying to decide the best format in which to present this.

My current project is to work my way through updating the current WWE roster.  However, if there are any particular wrestlers that you would like, please email your request to me.  Please bear in mind that my free time is at a premium these days, so it may not be done quickly!

I can’t stress enough how much I would appreciate feedback on the new exports in order to improve. Any comments or questions are very welcome!

Also, this site could use a bit of a facelift (I think the current design is around 15 years old!) so if any of you have a talent for making banners and would be kind enough to make one for the site, please drop me a line!