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To use these plugins, click on the link and download and save in the Newplugs file in the TNM 7 folder (unless otherwise stated). Then unzip each one.

Check out JonnyTNM.

Carlzilla's TNM Plugins

TNM Bio Manager 

TNM had no way of keeping any sort of information about a wrestler that wasn't stat based. This fixes that problem. 

The plug-in allows you to set up circuit specific bios with as much history, flavour, and information about the wrestlers as you care to provide. It's also super useful for keeping notes about specific wrestlers in your circuit. 

If you get a runtime error, try installing this: 13D-8319-81DA479AB0D7&displaylang=en 

TNM Show Profile Suite
Ever wanted your show to open up with a logo and it's own theme music? 

Do you want to add arena information to your cards? 

Well now you can. 

Due to the use of .dll files to play music, this can not be installed via the unzipping to the NEWPLUGS folder method. Just run the installer and select your TNM7 Directory and the installer will do the rest! 

TNM Draft Assistant
This allows you to draft wrestlers between the brands that you have set up in the Weight Class Wizard. Full instructions are included. 

To install just unzip to the NEWPLUGS folder and run TNM.

Selecting the draft segment from the TNM booking screen: 

TNM7 Draft Assistant found an ongoing draft: 

TNM7 Draft Assistant starting a new draft: 

TNM7 Draft Assistant's draft screen: 

Random Wrestler Generator (Release - Version 1.5)
This will generate random wrestlers for you. Great for making jobbers or filling out a fantasy fed. 

Download and unzip to your TNM folder. 

MMA Plugin
If you're looking for a way to do MMA fights in TNM, you can do so now. This is the unsupported, will-not-be-updated, but so far fairly workable older, alpha version.


It'll be in the plug-in match selection screen as MMA Match. 


FCA Cubed Match Editor (version 1.52)
In my opinion, the greatest plugin ever created. The brainchild of Mike Sweetser.

FCA Cubed Match Editor (version 2.2)

EggMe (Oliver Copp)
Unlocks all of the hidden Easter eggs in TNM7 SE.
You can view a list of all known Easter eggs here.

Financial Program 1.3 (Thomas Meitner)
Lets you work out the financial success of your circuit.

Sneak Attack Generator (Thomas Meitner)
Great for starting feuds.

TNM7 Circuit Editor (Oliver Copp)

Contract Program (T. D-Angelo)

Caged Fury (Ryan Solberg)
Designed at the former Skull Works Palace.

The Caged Fury is a match that encloses the ring inside a cage with 30 
participants. The contest proceeds as a battle royal. The program divides 
the 30 men into 3 10-man teams, but the men don't work as a team. The way 
to win the match is to eliminate other wrestlers through one of four doors 
located in each corner. Last man left inside the cage wins the match.

A good way to start or end feuds in a fairly violent manner...someone could 
jump the winner after the match since he's basically trapped in the cage.

Coin Flip 0.01 (Michael DiGiovanni)

Beatdown v.0.01 (Michael DiGiovanni)
Lets you sideline a wrestler with injury.

Brawl For All v1.0 (Mike Sweetser)
Time to put on those gloves! Causes plenty of injuries.

Wedding (Jonas Dygd)
If you ever wanted two of your wrestlers to get married, here's your chance.

Ladder Match Plus (Mike Sweetser)
Make your ladder matches more exciting with this.

World War 3 (Mike Sweetser)
WCW's 60 man, 3 ringed extravaganza.

Parking Lot Death Match 1.0 (Ryan Solberg)

TNM Scaffold Minus 1.0 (Mike Sweetser)
WARNING! You must have a sense of humour to use this plugin, otherwise you'll hate it.

Commercial Break Plugin (Barry Skelly)
The first TNM Plugin designed by Barry Skelly (Webmaster of the TNM Basement).  It is a Commercial Break match plugin which lets you insert commercial breaks into your cards.  It not only gives you a list of three defaults but you also can enter your own text string perhaps advertising your fed or your site.

Power Arm
Lets you run an arm wrestling match.