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This is the TNM 7 move list I use for creating wrestler exports for the site. It is by no means an official list as there are slight differences from that found over at TNM 3:16. Thanks to Josh Liller, Unright and everybody else over at the Forums for their help with compiling the list.

For some of the less familiar moves, click on the name for a link to a video or picture of the move.

If you notice any mistakes or discrepancies with this list, feel free to email me.

REMEMBER: The HARD limit for moves in the database is 999.

Recent updates:
Added "wheelbarrow driver".

After some serious issues with the program running out of memory due to having too many moves in my database, I began eliminating moves left, right and centre. The list of moves I have deleted so far are listed below, with replacement moves in the database listed in parentheses. 

Deleted August 2010:
crucifix facebuster (sitdown faceslam)
crucifix power bomb DDT (Dominator)
inverted double underhook faceslam (Beach Break)
inverted Emerald Flowsion (Dominator)
omoplata (cross-face submission)
swinging sitdown faceslam (sitdown faceslam)

July 2010:
Air Raid Crash onto the knee (Air Raid Crash)
Amaze Impact (faceslam)
Asai DDT (sliced bread #2)
avalanche Yoshi Tonic (high speed sunset flip – now can be done from turnbuckle)
blind double springboard rana (springboard rana)
brain buster onto the knee (brain buster)
bridging cravate (cravate – now can be done on the mat)
Cavernaria (surfboard)
choke sleeper (rear naked choke)
choking camel clutch (camel clutch)
corkscrew cross body press (flying cross body)
Cutthroat Suplex (Burning Hammer)
Death Valley Driver onto the knee (fireman's carry to knee neckbreaker) 
Death Valley Driver into a legdrop (Death Valley Driver)
dropsault (dropkick)
fireman's carry backbreaker (backbreaker)
fireman's carry into a cross armbreaker (cross armbreaker)
fist to the groin (low blow)
flying swinging DDT (leaping swinging DDT)
forward jawbreaker (jawbreaker)
Gorilla press into a flapjack (flapjack)
inverted Russian legsweep cradle (Ranhei)
kick to the face (kick to the head)
leg trap sunset flip power bomb (high speed sunset flip)
Osaka street cutter (Ace Crusher) 
power bomb onto the knee (power bomb)
Pyramid Bomb (sitout power bomb)
rolling prawn hold (rolling reverse cradle)
running power bomb (Liger Bomb)
Shining Apprentice (enzuigiri to the face)
shoulder lift into a flapjack (flapjack)
slingshot Ace Crusher (Ace Crusher)
slingshot corkscrew splash (slingshot splash)
slingshot neck snap (neck snap)
slingshot Oklahoma side roll (Oklahoma side roll)
slingshot somersault legdrop (slingshot legdrop)
slingshot sunset flip (sunset flip)
small package driver (wrestler specific – only appeared as a “finisher like” move)
spear into a pin (spear)
springboard clothesline (springboard lariat)
springboard Diamond Dust (Diamond Dust)
standing moonsault into a kneedrop (standing moonsault)
Steinerline (clothesline)
Stretch Plum (abdominal stretch)
super brain buster (brain buster)
super fireman's carry (fireman’s carry)
super fisherman buster (fisherman buster)
super piledriver (piledriver)
Superman pin (inside cradle)
tilt-a-whirl front power bomb (power bomb)
top-rope Falcon Arrow (Falcon Arrow)
top-rope powerslam (powerslam)
top-rope Shiranui (sliced bread #2)
top-rope snap mare (snap mare)
top-rope Splash Mountain (Splash Mountain)
torture rack into a DDT (Burning Hammer)
twisting double underhook suplex (double underhook suplex)
vertical suplex into a stunner (stunner)
Western lariat (lariat)
wheelbarrow DDT (DDT)

Move Name Other names/Minor variants Damage  Counters
450 splash Firebird Splash, flying somersault splash 125 knee pull-up, roll away
6-1-9 tiger feint kick 75 duck-down move, side step
6-1-9 into a Frankensteiner
45 power bomb, Hotshot

abdominal stretch Stretch Plum, Cobra Twist, Swastika 45 elbowsmash, hiptoss, abdominal stretch
abdominal stretch cradle
20 hiptoss, abdominal stretch
Ace Crusher Cutter, RKO, Yokosuka Cutter, Osaka street cutter, slingshot Ace Crusher 100 push-off
achilles tendon hold heel hook 45 kick-off
Air Raid Crash over the shoulder back-to-belly piledriver, WA4, Kryptonite Krunch, Reality Check, Schwein, Gamma Special, Celtic Cross, Air Raid Crash onto the knee 110 forearm to the back, double ax-handle to the back
airplane spin
30 facerake
airplane spin toss Twister Slam 45 facerake
Anaconda Vice Anaconda Vise, arm triangle choke 90

Angle Slam Olympic Slam 80 slidedown
ankle lock
150 kick to the head, kick-off
arm bite
30 punch, headbutt
arm grapevine spinning toe hold on the arm 60

arm trap neckbreaker Union Jack Neckbreaker 65

armbar submission armbar 55

armbar takedown


armlock hammerlock submission Kimura, chicken wing armlock 50 back elbow, single-leg takedown
armdrag takedown armdrag 30 lariat
armlock leglock submission

armlock legsweep DDT Devil Lock DDT 80 go-behind, backdrop
Asai leg lariat
40 side step
Asai moonsault Lionsault 140 side step, Tombstone
Asai moonsault bodyblock
90 side step, dropkick
Asai moonsault into an inverted DDT
75 dropkick, duck-down move
Ass Punch
25 side step
atomic drop
45 bulldog, facerake
avalanche Ho Train 40 kick to the head, side step
Aztecan suplex X-Plex, crossed-arms German suplex 95 backward kick

back elbow
50 duck-down move
back fist
30 duck-down move
back heel kick mule kick 45 duck-down move, legsweep
backbreaker fireman's carry backbreaker 70 facerake
backdrop driver backdrop suplex 110 backward kick, facerake, cross-body block
backflip cradle
20 sitdown
backpack stunner Chin Checker, piggyback stunner 85 slidedown
20 backslide, backward kick
backslide driver
50 backslide, backward kick
backspin armdrag
30 clothesline, lariat
backspin DDT Floatover DDT 85 belly-to-belly suplex
backward kick

40 punch, facerake
Beach Break sitout back-to-belly piledriver, Axe Guillotine Driver, Implant, Jig 'n' Tonic, WMD Driver, cradle back-to-belly piledriver, Sunset Driver, crossleg waterwheel driver, Cloverleaf Driver 155 sunset flip, kneebar
belly-to-back side slam Mark of Excellence, belly-to-back suplex into a uranage/Rock Bottom/Soviet suplex 110 elbowsmash, bulldog
belly-to-back superplex
150 cross-body block, elbowsmash
belly-to-belly superplex overhead belly-to-belly superplex 150 punch, facerake
belly-to-back suplex back suplex 75 elbowsmash, bulldog
belly-to-belly suplex
80 facerake, punch
Blizzard Suplex T-Bone suplex into a pin 90

Blockbuster diving somersault neckbreaker, flying somersault neckbreaker, WhipFlash 100 duck-down move, side step
blockbuster suplex blockbuster hold, Cutie Special 80 forearm smash
Blue Thunder Bomb Blue Thunder Driver, spin-out power bomb 90 back elbow
bodyscissors submission

bodyslam scoop slam 30 small package, elbowsmash
boot choke

bootscrape facewash 30

Boston crab
50 kick-off
bow-and-arrow Dragon Sleeper

bow-and-arrow submission

brain buster brain buster onto the knee 120 vertical suplex, small package
bridging back suplex Regal-Plex 60 headlock takedown, facerake
Bronco Buster
20 roll away, kick-off
70 throw-off, back suplex
Burning Hammer Cutthroat Suplex, torture rack into a DDT 130 slidedown
40 side step

camel clutch Steiner Recliner, choking camel clutch 40

Canadian backbreaker Canadian backbreaker rack, overhead gutwrench backbreaker rack 45 backdrop
cartwheel kick Tidal Crush 35 side step
charging axhandle bodyblock Cross Chop, flying cross chop 50 side step
CHIKARA Special inverted CHIKARA Special 70

chinlock deathlock submission Muta lock 65 facerake
choke against the ropes

choke lift
45 kick to the midsection, facerake
choke slam nodowa otoshi 85 elbowsmash, kick to the midsection
40 kick to the midsection, facerake

clawhold Iron Claw 45 low blow
clothesline running clothesline, Steinerline 30 duck-down move
cobra clutch Million Dollar Dream, bridging cobra clutch, Cobra Stretch, Cobra Stretch, kara parida, cobra clutch crossface 45 armdrag takedown
cobra clutch backbreaker
70 armdrag takedown, low blow
cobra clutch into a Russian legsweep Swing Thing, Million Dollar Buster, Dream Street 80

cobra clutch slam
55 armdrag takedown, low blow
cobra clutch suplex
80 armdrag takedown
corkscrew armdrag
35 side step
corkscrew elbowdrop
40 roll away
corkscrew legdrop
40 roll away
corkscrew moonsault Cancun Tornado, Skytwister Press, twisting moonsault, Tornillo 140 roll away
corkscrew neckbreaker Moonlight Drive 70 side step
corkscrew senton
70 knee pull-up, roll away
corkscrew splash
80 knee pull-up, roll away
Cradle DDT cradle brain buster 110 small package
cradle piledriver Gotch-style piledriver, Drill A Hole 85 backdrop, small package
cradle suplex
55 elbowsmash
Crash Thunder Buster belly-to-back wheelbarrow facebuster, CTB, Atomic Facebuster, Berkulator, Cannonball Buster 90 cross-body block, bulldog
cravate European headlock, 3/4 facelock, bridging cravate 10 armdrag takedown, fist to the midsection
cravate suplex
85 armdrag takedown, fist to the midsection
Cristo hanging full nelson 60 spinning backbreaker, inverted power bomb
cross armbreaker jujigatame, crucifix armbar 90

cross-body block
cross-face chicken wing
75 elbowsmash
cross-face submission Nagata Lock II, Border City Stretch, arm trap crossface, omoplata 70

crossed arms chinlock straightjacket, Japanese stranglehold 40

Crossface Halo
80 push-off
35 Samoan Drop
Curb Stomp

80 backdrop, low blow
Death Valley Driver F-U, Spicolli Driver 120 DDT, crucifix
Destiny Hammer
130 side step
Diamond Dust springboard Diamond Dust 110 knee to the back
Discus lariat
55 duck-down move
Discus Punch
40 duck-down move
diving elbowsmash
80 duck-down move, side step
diving headbutt
50 roll away
diving kneedrop bulldog Cattle Branding 60

diving lariat sliding clothesline, lariat/clothesline to grounded opponent 65 roll away
diving legdrop bulldog Orange Tomahawk 70 sitout power bomb
diving shoulderblock flying shoulder tackle out of ropes 120 side step
diving tope
30 side step, duck-down move
Doctor Bomb gutwrench power bomb 140 backdrop
Dominator inverted powerslam, Brute Bomb, inverted Emerald Flowsion, inverted sitout side powerslam, crucifix power bomb DDT, Cliffhanger 95 slidedown
double arm DDT double underhook DDT 85 backdrop
double armbar submission Cattle Mutilation 75

double chicken wing submission Bitchlock 40

double chicken wing facebuster Waffle Face 65

double foot stomp

25 roll away
double kneepat double knee strike, Elijah Express 40

double leg cradle
20 double leg-hook ONLY USED AS A COUNTER HOLD
double-leg takedown
10 double-axhandle to the back, forearm to the back
double leg-hook
10 sitdown
double reverse chinlock rear chinlock 25 facerake
double underhook backbreaker
75 backdrop
double underhook faceslam Pedigree, Angel's Wings 105 backdrop
double underhook lock butterfly lock 75

double underhook piledriver Tiger Driver '98, J-Driller, butterfly piledriver 100 backdrop
double underhook superplex

double underhook suplex butterfly suplex, twisting double underhook suplex 60 backdrop
double-arm choke slam tree slam, choke bomb, Brain Damage 110 kick to the midsection
double-axhandle chop Polish Hammer 40

double-axhandle to the back

double-axhandle to the chest

dragon rana
65 power bomb, side step
dragon screw Goliath bird eater, legdrag takedown, leg lace takedown 15 enzuigiri, enzuigiri to the face
dragon sleeper
80 kick to the head, facerake
dragon suplex full nelson suplex 140 backward kick
drop toe hold

dropkick dropsault 45 side step
dropkick from the second rope
60 side step
dropkick to the back of the head

dropkick to the face bullet dropkick, basement dropkick 60

dropkick to the knee
30 side step
duck-down move

eye gouge eye poke, thumb to the eye 40

20 backdrop
elbow submission

40 roll away
elbowdrop from the second turnbuckle
80 roll away
elbowsmash Bionic Elbow, elbow to the head, elbow to the midsection 35

electric chair drop Rubix Cube, Joker Driver 110 Victory Roll, rana
Emerald Flowsion sitout side powerslam, side slam driver, G Driver 160 inside cradle, small package
enzuigiri Ghetto Blaster, step-up enzuigiri 50 duck-down move
enzuigiri to the face Gamengiri, abisegeri, shining enzuigiri, Shining Apprentice 70 duck-down move
enzuilariato clothesline to the back of the head, Northern lariat 40 duck-down move, backward kick
European uppercut
20 backslide

F-5 fireman's carry into a flapjack, Verdict 120 slidedown, inverted DDT
40 kneelift
facebuster pancake, face-first piledriver, Trip to the Diamond Mine 70

facebuster onto the knee Coconut Crush, facebreaker 40


faceslam Amaze Impact, reverse choke slam facebuster, inverted choke slam 65

Falcon Arrow sitout suplex slam 70

fallaway slam blockbuster slam, table-top suplex, Last Call (JBL) 85 forearm smash
falling headbutt
60 roll away
figure-four armlock keylock, Americana 70 back elbow, single-leg takedown
figure-four leglock
55 small package, kick-off
figure-four sleeper

fireman's carry fireman's carry takedown 35

fireman's carry armbreaker
85 slidedown
fireman's carry facebuster Go 2 Sleep, Nightmare on Helms Street, Deluxe 100 slidedown
fireman's carry into a gutbuster Pitbull Bite, Death By Roderick 75 slidedown, crucifix
fireman's carry into a slam Simonizer (Simon Dean), Gonorrhea, Disco 2000, Lightning Spiral, fireman's carry slam 75 slidedown, eye gouge
fireman's carry into a stunner
50 slidedown, facerake
fireman's carry to knee neckbreaker Death Valley Driver onto the knee 65 slidedown, DDT, crucifix
fisherman buster Pittsburgh Plunge 130 small package
fisherman suplex Perfect Plex, cradle suplex 60 vertical suplex
fist to the midsection punch to the midsection 25

fistdrop Five Knuckle Shuffle 40 roll away
flapjack shoulder lift into a flapjack, Gorilla press into a flapjack 30 DDT, elbowsmash
Flatliner Complete Shot, Downward Spiral, reverse Russian legsweep, reverse STO, Shellshock, Novacaine, face plant 90 elbowsmash
flip piledriver Canadian Destroyer, somersault piledriver, sunset flip piledriver 120 backdrop
flying armbar

flying armdrag
40 side step
flying axhandle
80 fist to the midsection, punch
flying back elbow
100 side step, duck-down move
flying bodypress flying splash, Money Shot 120 roll away
flying bulldog
120 side step
flying clothesline
70 duck-down move
flying corkscrew senton Whisper in the Wind, twisting senton 90 knee pull-up, roll away
flying corkscrew splash
100 knee pull-up, roll away
flying cross body press corkscrew cross body press 85 rollover, powerslam
flying DDT DDT from the top rope 110 side step
flying double foot stomp Warrior's Way, Black Jesus stomp, 450 double foot stomp 80 side step, roll away
flying double knee attack Chocolate Rain 80 side step, dropkick
flying dropkick missile dropkick, dropkick from the top rope 80 duck-down move, side step
flying elbowdrop Macho Elbow 100 roll away
flying fistdrop
80 fist to the midsection
flying forearm  El Paso del Muerte 100 duck-down move
flying headbutt
130 roll away
flying headscissors
40 throw-off
flying hip attack flying butt-bump 70 duck-down move, German suplex
flying kneedrop Bombscare Kneedrop 90 roll away
flying lariat clothesline/lariat from the top rope 90 duck-down move
flying legdrop Arabian Facebuster 150 roll away
flying reverse neckbreaker flying neckbreaker 70 duck-down move
flying senton
140 roll away
flying shoulderblock shoulderblock from the top rope 50 duck-down move, side step
flying side kick Ryder kick 60 side step, duck-down move
flying sitdown splash Whoopie Cushion 150 roll away, knee pull-up
flying somersault bodyblock
100 side step
flying somersault dropkick
85 side step
flying somersault headbutt
135 roll away
flying somersault legdrop Harlem Hangover 120 roll away
flying somersault senton Swanton Bomb, Cannonball 150 roll away, knee pull-up
flying somersault sitdown splash Molly-Go-Round 75 side step, power bomb
flying spinning leg lariat Air Sabu 120 duck-down move
flying sunset flip
60 sitdown, choke lift
flying Tomahawk flying karate chop 40 fist to the midsection, punch
flying tope
70 side step, duck-down move
foot to chin jawbreaker Sole Food, Foot Clan, Eat Defeat 65

football tackle
45 side step, kick to the head
forearm choke

forearm smash

forearm to the back
25 side step
50 power bomb, tiger driver
Frankensteiner from the top rope flying rana 75 side step, power bomb
frog splash
130 roll away, knee pull-up
front facelock front chancery 30 backdrop, low blow
front slam falling powerslam 65 roundhouse right, cross-body block
front-layout superplex

front-layout suplex Curtain Call 40 kneelift
full nelson Masterlock, full nelson stretch, full nelson using the legs, Yurikamome 50 backward kick
Fujiwara armbar Crowbar, wakigatame 55

full nelson backbreaker
70 backward kick
full nelson faceslam
70 backward kick
full nelson slam Uncle Slam 55 backward kick

Ganso Bomb Vertical sheer drop kneeling power bomb, hangman's DDT 180 backdrop
Garvin Stomp
100 roll away
Gedo clutch courtesy flush 40

German suplex bridging German suplex 80 elbowsmash, backward kick
GH Lock modified strangle hold gamma, kneeling neck cut** and armlock  65

Giant Swing
50 facerake
1 elbowsmash, backward kick ONLY USED AS A COUNTER HOLD
gogoplata Hell's Gate 95

Gorilla press military press, press slam 75 facerake
Gory lock faceslam Gory bomb, Gory catapult 100 slidedown
Gory Special Gory lock 50 armdrag takedown, sunset flip
guillotine choke

guillotine choke drop Voodoo Drop 70

grapevine leg grapevine 30 kick-off
gutbuster stomachbreaker, rib breaker, cradle gutbuster, pumphandle gutbuster 70 front-layout suplex
gutwrench suplex
60 backdrop

hair pull

hair pull takedown hair mare 30

half Boston half crab, single leg Boston crab 50

half nelson backbreaker
70 backward kick
half nelson choke sleeper Tazmission, katahajime 140 backward kick
half nelson suplex hardway Tazplex, Tiger Suplex '85 85 elbowsmash, backward kick
15 hammerlock
handspring blind tope
20 side step, German suplex
hammerlock bodyslam

handspring bodyblock
50 side step, belly-to-back suplex
handspring clothesline
50 side step, duck-down move
handspring elbow
50 side step, duck-down move
handspring into a Frankensteiner
65 power bomb, belly-to-back suplex
handspring into a spin kick
70 side step, duck-down move
handspring legdrop
50 roll away
handspring moonsault
90 knee pull-up, roll away
handspring splash
80 knee pull-up, roll away
head and arm suplex Tazplex 85 Victory roll

headbutt to the groin
45 kick to the head, kneelift
headbutt to the midsection
40 kick to the head, kneelift
headlock takedown
30 headscissors submission, throw-off
headscissors submission neck-scissors 20

headsmash into the turnbuckle
20 headsmash into the turnbuckle
heart punch

high cross body
30 backbreaker, rollover
high kick
40 duck-down move
high knee
35 duck-down move, side step
high speed crucifix driver crucifix bomb, crucifix driver, crucifix hold driver 80 Samoan drop
high speed sunset flip Code Red, Yoshi Tonic, sunset flip power bomb, leg trap sunset flip power bomb 75

hiptoss hiplock, sitout hiptoss, hiptoss into a vertical suplex 20 lariat, facerake
Hotshot stun gun 90 lariat

Iconoclasm cross-arm Iconoclasm 70 kick-off, kick to the head
Indian deathlock British figure four, Celtic Knot 65

inside cradle schoolboy roll-up 20

inverted Angle Slam
80 slidedown
inverted atomic drop Manhattan Drop 45

inverted backbreaker
50 backdrop
inverted brain buster reverse brain buster 125

inverted bulldog
50 throw-off
inverted Cloverleaf Gorilla clutch, Kondo clutch 50 kick-off
inverted DDT reverse DDT, Scorpion Death Drop, Slop Drop 75

inverted DDT onto the knee inverted facelock backbreaker 100

inverted facelock elbowdrop Final Cut, Eye of the Hurricane 80

inverted fallaway slam Boogeyslam 60 forearm smash
inverted Gory Special
85 flip
inverted headlock backbreaker 3.0 75

inverted jawbreaker
45 backward kick
inverted lung blower push-up lung blower, double knee gutbuster 70

inverted piledriver Fire Thunder, Cozy Crush Dynamite, Rikishi Driver 80 slidedown
inverted power bomb Alley-Oop, face first power bomb, power bomb to overhead facebuster, Jet Pool 100

inverted sitdown faceslam reverse X-Factor, Edge-O-Matic 80

inverted suplex reverse suplex 60

inverted Swinging DDT Mizard of Oz 130

inverted T-Bone Suplex Flipping release leg hook belly to back suplex, Suicide Solution, Elegant Spike, DND 85 elbowsmash
ipponzei judo throw, ippon seionage, one arm shoulder throw 50 lariat


jack-knife cradle

jack-knife power bomb power bomb into a pin 120 backdrop
Japanese armdrag takedown
35 elbowsmash, lariat
jawbreaker chinbreaker, forward jawbreaker 50

jumping clothesline
40 duck-down move
jumping DDT Impaler, implant DDT 100 backdrop
jumping elbow thrust
70 duck-down move
jumping front kick pump kick, bicycle kick 80 duck-down move, side step
jumping neck snap

jumping high kick
60 duck-down move
jumping side kick
45 duck-down move

Ki Krusher fisherman driver 150 small package
kick to the back dragon kick 40

kick to the chest

kick to the groin

kick to the head big boot, kick to the face 50 duck-down move
kick to the knee

kick to the midsection

kick to the thigh

kip-up Frankensteiner
70 throw-off
knee pull-up
knee to the back

knee to the face knee strike 40 side step
kneebar cross knee scissors, hizajujigatame 40

kneebreaker shinbreaker 45 elbowsmash
40 roll away
25 side step
kneeling headbutt
30 kneeling headbutt
kneelock submission
50 kick to the head
knifehand chop
35 single-leg takedown into a leglock
Koji clutch

koppo kick

lariat Clothesline From Hell, running lariat, Western lariat 70 duck-down move, Fujiwara armbar
leaping swinging DDT flying swinging DDT 100 atomic drop
left hook
30 duck-down move
leg capture suplex capture suplex 60

leg hammerlock

leg hook camel clutch

leg lariat
50 duck-down move
leg scissors

legdrop Big Leg Drop 30 roll away
legsweep sliding leg trip 30

legsweep faceslam Stroke 50 faceslam
Liger Bomb running power bomb, running sitout power bomb 130 backdrop
low blow blind foul, fist to the groin 55

lung blower Backcracker, Backstabber, double knee backbreaker 90

magistral Dandina cradle, stepover armbar cradle, la casita, bandito, arm wrench inside cradle 30

medio cangrejo standing figure-four held with arms and armlock 70

medio cerrajera standing hammerlock with neck cut** 85

Mexican armdrag takedown La Quesadora 20 lariat
Mexican hiptoss
45 facerake, lariat
Michinoku Driver cradle Tombstone 90 backdrop
Michinoku Driver II Juvy Driver, Perfect Driver, Shiima Driver, Makai Driver, Fujita Driver  100 small package, backdrop
Millennium Suplex cross-face chicken wing suplex, Tiger Suplex 2000 100 backward kick, elbowsmash
Mongolian chop double chop 30

monkey flip

Moonlight Bomb fireman's carry into a Michinoku Driver, Samoan Driver, Amityville Horror, Cradle Shock, Whiplash, Fujita Driver II, Ranakiller H, Inferno Death 125 slidedown
130 roll away, knee pull-up
moonsault bodyblock
125 side step
moonsault from the second turnbuckle
110 knee pull-up, roll away
moonsault side slam C-4, Walk the Plank, Flux Capacitor, one-man Spanish Fly 85 elbowsmash
mounted elbowsmash

mounted punch

mule kick
45 side step
Muscle Buster
150 kick-off, high knee

neck crank neck vice, twisting chinlock 20

neck snap slingshot neck snap 30

nerve hold
20 elbowsmash, facerake
Northern Lights bomb Snow Plow 145 small package, elbowsmash
Northern Lights suplex double wrist armsault, Winnerplex, Pureplex 90 DDT, swinging neckbreaker

Ocean Cyclone Suplex Acid Rain, Back to the Future 100

octopus hold
60 hiptoss
Oklahoma side roll slingshot Oklahoma side roll 30

over-the-shoulder stomachbreaker
70 elbowsmash
Overdrive Play of the Day, leg lever takedown, Playmaker, inverted Overdrive, Zack Attack 75 legsweep
overhead belly-to-belly suplex

overhead hammerlock suplex

overhead head and arm suplex

package piledriver
100 backdrop
palm blow palm strike, shotei 30

Pele kick backflip kick, overhead kick 70 duck-down move
Pendulum Swing Pendulum of Pain, inverted Boston crab, Rocking Horse 70

Phoenix 720 DDT
150 side step
Phoenix Splash corkscrew 450 splash 125 knee-pull up, roll away
80 backdrop
power bomb power bomb onto the knee 100 backdrop
70 lariat
pumphandle backbreaker

pumphandle facebuster X-Tornado, Kiss Your X Goodbye, pumphandle sitout facebuster 100

pumphandle half nelson driver Here It Is Driver, Made In Japan 140

pumphandle piledriver Dig Dug Driver, Psycho Driver II 120

pumphandle powerslam Meltdown, Egoist Schwein, Viagra Driver 100

pumphandle slam crotch slam 80 facerake, punch
pumphandle suplex pumphandle fallaway slam, tilt suplex 60 cross-body block
20 punch, duck-down move

Queen Angelito Stretch Virus Stretch, suspended deathlock, hammerlock, and turkey wing* 85 kick-off

rabbit punch

Rack Bomb Argentine power bomb, Towerhacker Bomb, torture rack spun into a sitout power bomb 110 slidedown
rana huracanrana, hurricanrana 60 power bomb
Ranhei inverted Russian legsweep cradle 65 elbowsmash
rear naked choke choke sleeper 100 elbowsmash
Reinera spinning arm and leg trap Argentine backbreaker 125 headlock takedown
release dragon suplex
90 backward kick
release German suplex Danger German suplex 90 elbowsmash, backward kick
reverse cradle
20 sitdown
reverse figure-four leglock Trailer Hitch, Stryker Lock, Crunch Loop 65

reverse fisherman buster
140 elbowsmash
reverse flying elbowdrop
110 roll away
reverse Frankensteiner
100 throw-off
reverse neckbreaker

reverse neckbreaker onto the knee Kat Nap 90

reverse top rope fisherman buster
180 front-layout superplex, throw-off
reverse top rope Frankensteiner
160 elbowsmash, throw-off
right hook
60 duck-down move, punch
Rings of Saturn lying armbar and arm scissor 75

Ringuina forward roll hammerlock and octopus hold 95 elbowsmash
Rising Star Suplex

Rocker Dropper Fame Asser 70 legsweep
roll away
rolling armbar

rolling bodyscissors cradle bodytrap cradle 20

rolling clothesline
35 duck-down move
rolling cradle

rolling elbowsmash Roaring Elbow, rolling elbow smash, spinning elbowsmash, spinning forearm 70 duck-down move, side step
rolling reverse cradle O'Connor roll, rolling prawn hold, rolling reverse prawn hold 10 rolling reverse cradle, elbowsmash
rolling reverse cradle into a bridge bridging back cradle 30 rolling reverse cradle, elbowsmash
rolling senton rolling somersault senton, running somersault senton, Rolling Thunder 85 roll away, knee pull-up
rolling tope
40 duck-down move, side step

ropeflip moonsault
100 knee pull-up, roll away
roundhouse kick
50 duck-down move, legsweep
roundhouse right
35 duck-down move
running bootscrape 

Running Forearm Smash
100 duck-down move
running neckbreaker drop bulldog lariat, necktie clothesline 60 side step, duck-down move
running knee strike Busaiku Knee Kick, running high knee 70 duck-down move, side step
running hip attack
60 side step
running kick to the head punt to the head, soccer kick 50

running neck snap Throwback 50 side step
running powerslam Oklahoma Stampede 90 inside cradle
running shoulderblock Pounce 60 side step
Russian legsweep
60 elbowsmash

Sammartino slingshot power bomb lift into a Hotshot 50 backdrop
Samoan drop
65 elbowsmash
scissor kick ax kick 50 side step
scorpion deathlock Sharpshooter, inverted scorpion deathlock 60 small package
screwdriver Steiner Screwdriver 110 vertical suplex
80 roll away
series of chops

series of elbowsmashes MMA style elbows 90 duck-down move
series of forearm smashes
90 duck-down move
series of forearms to the back

series of headbutts

series of headsmashes into the turnbuckle
40 headsmash into the turnbuckle
series of jabs
30 series of punches
series of kicks to the chest

series of kicks to the head

series of kicks to the midsection

series of mounted punches Ground and Pound 75

series of punches
60 duck-down move
series of push-up facebusters Skullfucker 60

series of roundhouse kicks
70 duck-down move
series of roundhouse rights
50 duck-down move
series of slaps
70 slap, side step
series of stomps
90 roll away
Shining Kenka Kick Drive By 80 duck-down move
Shining Wizard
80 duck-down move
shooting star elbowdrop Hart Attack 2.0 100 roll away
shooting star legdrop Crossfire, Triple Bypass 120 roll away
shooting star press Stardust Press 140 roll away, kneelift
short arm scissors inverted short arm scissors, Thames Barrier 65

short clothesline
40 duck-down move
short lariat
60 duck-down move
shoulder jawbreaker Bareback, Franchiser, Black Ice, reverse stunner 100

shoulder stunner
70 push-off
shoulderblock to the midsection
20 kneelift
55 elbowsmash
side headlock
10 belly-to-back suplex, throw-off
side step
side suplex side buster, side slam, Spider's Web 60 cross-body block
sidewalk slam Boss Man Slam, spinning side slam, Black Hole Slam 80 DDT
single-arm DDT Divorce Court 40 punch
single-leg takedown

single-leg takedown into a leglock

35 double leg-hook ONLY USED AS A COUNTER HOLD
sitdown faceslam X-Factor, Drug Bomb, Blitzen, crucifix facebuster, swinging sitdown faceslam 100

sitdown splash
100 roll away, knee pull-up
sitout full nelson bomb Bubba Bomb 80 headbutt
sitout power bomb Batista Bomb, Pyramid Bomb, Ricola Bomb, cross-arm sitout power bomb 110 backdrop
10 slap
Sledge-O-Matic low blow elbowdrop 90

40 jawbreaker
sleeperhold reverse mat slam Slingblade, sleeper slam, Flashback 100 jawbreaker
sliced bread #2 shiranui, Contra Code, Asai DDT, Dragon DDT, standing shiranui, 3/4 facelock backflip inverted DDT  70 throw-off, reverse neckbreaker
Sliding D sliding elbowsmash 95 roll away
slingshot slingshot into the turnbuckle 30 side step
slingshot bodyblock
70 rollover, powerslam
slingshot catapult backbreaker

slingshot clothesline Money Clip, slingshot somersault clothesline 45 side step
slingshot double foot stomp
70 roll away
slingshot dropkick
65 roll away
slingshot elbowdrop
60 roll away
slingshot facebuster
90 vertical suplex
slingshot Flatliner
90 side step
slingshot into a DDT
90 side step
slingshot into a headscissors takedown slingshot rana 30 side step, duck-down move
slingshot kneedrop
70 roll away
slingshot legdrop slingshot somersault legdrop 70 roll away
slingshot shoulderblock
40 side step
slingshot somersault splash slingshot somersault senton 100 roll away
slingshot splash
100 roll away
slingshot suplex
70 vertical suplex
small package small package hold 20 small package
Snake Eyes
40 slidedown
snap mare

snap mare driver
90 push-off, backslide
snap suplex
65 vertical suplex, small package
somersault legdrop
40 roll away
somersault senton
90 roll away
somersault slam Regal Roll, Green Bay Plunge 80 crucifix
somersault splash
75 knee pull-up, roll away
Soviet Suplex Rock Bottom, Uranage, Golden Arm Bomber, Book End 100 elbowsmash
spear Gore, spear into a pin 70 side step, kneelift
Spin Doctor Last Rites, Roll the Dice, rolling cutter, Test Drive, reverse swinging neckbreaker 100

spin kick
45 duck-down move
spin kick to the back of the head
90 duck-down move
spinal shock Widow's Peak, Gory neckbreaker 120 elbowsmash
spinebuster bomb Rydeen Bomb, Sky High 120 DDT, swinging neckbreaker
spinebuster slam spinebuster, Alabama Slam, water wheel slam 100 swinging neckbreaker, kneelift
spinning back elbow
70 duck-down move
spinning back suplex
90 cross-body block, bulldog
spinning backbreaker tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, quebradora 75 elbowsmash
spinning DDT
85 backdrop
spinning elbowdrop
50 roll away
spinning headscissors satellite headscissors, tilt-a-whirl headscissors 55 throw-off
spinning headscissors into a cradle
20 Hotshot, throw-off
spinning headscissors into a cross-face submission
75 Hotshot
spinning headscissors into a facebuster
70 Hotshot, throw-off
spinning headscissors into a Fujiwara armbar La Mistica, tornillo armbar 75 Hotshot, throw-off
spinning headscissors into an armdrag
20 throw-off
spinning heel kick standing spinning heel kick 80 duck-down move THIS MOVE IS DONE STANDING
spinning leg lariat running spinning heel kick 45 duck-down move
spinning mule kick sole butt kick 50 side step
spinning neckbreaker running one-arm swinging neckbreaker, One-armed Bandit, Siakolypse 100

spinning power bomb Spiral Bomb, Revolution Bomb, spinning sitout power bomb 110 enzuilariato, bulldog
spinning thrust kick
50 duck-down move
spinning toe hold
40 throw-off, small package
spinwheel kick rolling kick 50 duck-down move
spinwheel kick to the back of the head
100 duck-down move
spiral tap corkscrew somersault legdrop/senton 110 roll away
70 knee pull-up, roll away
splash from the second rope Vader Bomb 120 roll away, knee pull-up
Splash Mountain crucifix power bomb, Razor's Edge, Niagara Driver 150 elbowsmash, slidedown
split legged moonsault
100 roll away, knee pull-up
springboard 450 splash
90 roll away, knee pull-up
springboard armdrag
35 side step
springboard axhandle
60 side step, fist to the midsection
springboard back elbow
90 belly-to-back suplex, duck-down move
springboard bulldog Stratusfaction 100 duck-down move, side step
springboard corkscrew splash
115 roll away, knee pull-up
springboard cross body press
60 duck-down move, side step
springboard DDT
90 side step
springboard double foot stomp
70 roll away
springboard dropkick
70 side step
springboard elbowdrop
70 roll away
springboard enzuigiri
90 duck-down move
springboard forearm smash
50 side step, duck-down move
springboard headscissors
70 side step
springboard kneedrop
70 roll away
springboard lariat springboard clothesline 80 duck-down move, spear
springboard leaping swinging DDT
110 throw-off, inverted atomic drop
springboard legdrop
70 roll away
springboard moonsault
110 roll away, knee pull-up
springboard Phoenix Splash
95 roll away, knee pull-up
springboard rana West Coast Pop 70 power bomb
springboard shoulderblock
30 side step, duck-down move
springboard side kick
30 duck-down move
springboard sitdown faceslam Extreme Makeover 110 side step
springboard sitdown splash
90 side step
springboard somersault dropkick
80 side step
springboard somersault senton
120 roll away
springboard somersault splash
120 roll away
springboard spinning leg lariat
110 duck-down move
springboard splash
110 knee pull-up, roll away
springboard sunset flip
40 jumping side kick
springboard Thesz press
60 side step, duck-down move
springboard twisting bodyblock
80 side step, duck-down move
springboard twisting moonsault
115 roll away
springboard twisting senton
70 roll away
standing corkscrew moonsault
90 knee pull-up
standing moonsault
85 knee pull-up
standing moonsault senton
70  roll away, knee pull-up
standing shooting star legdrop
100 roll away
standing shooting star press Red Star Press, running shooting star press 110 roll away, knee pull-up
standing short arm scissors

standing wristlock arm wringer 5

STF STFU, STPheremone 80 small package
Stinger Splash
50 side step
75 kneelift, go-behind
STO backbreaker
80 kneelift, go-behind
20 roll away
stomach claw
40 facerake
stretch muffler Brock Lock, Argentine leglock 50

stump puller

stunner Whippersnapper, vertical suplex into a stunner, shotgun stunner 100 push-off
Styles Clash

sunset backslide
20 backslide
sunset flip slingshot sunset flip 30 sitdown
superkick savate kick, Sweet Chin Music 60 duck-down move
140 front-layout superplex, throw-off
suplex into a powerslam Jackhammer 100 slidedown
surfboard Mexican surfboard, La Tapatia, Romero Special, inverted surfboard, standing surfboard, Cavernaria 45

surfboard into a faceslam Taco Pizza 60

swinging bulldog

Swinging DDT tornado DDT 95 throw-off
swinging faceslam
60 elbowsmash, bulldog
swinging fisherman suplex Hagermeister, Golden Gate Swing 65

swinging neckbreaker  Shake, Rattle 'n Roll 95 side suplex
swinging punch

swinging Soviet suplex Muso 110 small package
swinging Soviet suplex into a backbreaker side slam backbreaker 110 backbreaker

takeover suplex sleepwalker suplex 85 belly-to-belly suplex, kneelift

T-Bone Suplex Exploder suplex, Ferris Wheel 90 small package
testicular claw
85 low blow
Texas Cloverleaf
50 kick-off
Thesz press
45 duck-down move, side step
three point stance
75 duck-down move, eye gouge
throat suplex CrackerJack 80 kick to the midsection, kneelift
thrust kick to the head
100 duck-down move
thrust to the throat

thumb to the throat Asiatic Spike, Samoan Spike 30

Thunder Fire Power Bomb
120 backdrop
tiger driver Gibson Driver, double underhook power bomb 110 backdrop
tiger suplex
80 backward kick
tilt-a-whirl powerslam
100 armdrag takedown
tilt-a-whirl side slam tilt-a-whirl slam 80 armdrag takedown
tilt-a-whirl suplex
60 enzuilariato
TKO fireman's carry into an Ace Crusher, Hawaiian Smasher 120 slidedown, facerake, swinging DDT
Tomahawk chop Baba chop 25

Tombstone Tombstone piledriver, K-Driller 90 Tombstone
Tomikaze Unprettier, Killswitch 110 push-off
TommyHawk reverse crucifix hold into a cutter 150 slidedown
Tongan Death Grip under the chin nerve hold 90

top-rope Ace Crusher

top-rope DDT
150 front-layout superplex
top-rope Death Valley Driver

top-rope Frankensteiner top-rope rana, top-rope huracanrana, super Frankensteiner 155 power bomb
top-rope German suplex Spider German suplex 150 elbowsmash
top-rope gutbuster

top-rope inverted DDT
140 throw-off, cross-body block
top-rope neckbreaker
115 elbowsmash
top-rope power bomb Superbomb 140 top-rope Frankensteiner
top-rope spin kick
80 side step
tornado kick cyclone kick, Arachnid Kick, Trouble in Paradise 55 duck-down move
torture rack Argentine backbreaker 100 elbowsmash, facerake
torture rack drop Shock Treatment 100 headlock takedown
torture rack into a piledriver Psycho Driver 130 slidedown
torture rack neckbreaker reverse TKO, Argentine neckbreaker 100 headlock takedown
triangle choke

Tumbleweed corkscrew somersault legdrop 120 roll away
twisting moonsault bodyblock
50 side step, duck-down move

30 side step

Vader attack
50 fist to the midsection
Vertebreaker Cop Killa, Kudo Driver 120 flip
vertical facebuster gourdbuster, inverted suplex slam 80

vertical suplex
50 vertical suplex
vertical suplex into a powerslam
85 small package, slidedown
vertical suplex into a reverse neckbreaker
90 small package, slidedown
vertical suplex side slam Hellavator, Shouten, vertical suplex into a uranage/Rock Bottom/Soviet suplex 115 elbowsmash, vertical suplex
Viagra Driver
85 hiptoss
Victory Roll
40 sitdown
Victory Star Drop
160 elbowsmash, throw-off

waistlock suplex Saito suplex 90 elbowsmash
waistlock takedown
10 elbowsmash
Western lariat left hand lariat 60 duck-down move
wheelbarrow bulldog
70 throw-off
wheelbarrow driver pumphandle Tombstone, Chemical Imbalance II, Muscular Bomb, half nelson/full nelson wheelbarrow driver 120 Victory roll, armdrag takedown, bulldog
wheelbarrow faceslam Face Eraser 75 bulldog
wheelbarrow neckbreaker

wheelbarrow slam
75 bulldog
wheelbarrow suplex Snow Plex 65

Wrist Clutch Exploder
140 elbowsmash
20 wristlock

Yakuza kick mafia kick 60 duck-down move, legsweep

Ziplock Tequila Sunrise, armbar with half Boston, Nudo Misionero  70

*a turkey wing uses the same side arm to lock

** neck cut = set up for Overdrive



Cross armbreaker

Fujiwara armbar

Gedo clutch

Medio cangrejo



Short arm scissors