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Rick Garrard came up with some rules in early 2000 that were all the rage for awhile on the TNM list. His idea was to do two things: simulate a small indy fed and do a circuit that could run a large number of cards in a short amount of time. Rick used the Memphis territory and ran over 10 years worth of cards which can be found at His starting roster was Jerry Lawler, Eddie Gilbert, Eric Embry, Jeff Jarrett, and PG-13 (Wolfie D & J.C. Ice).

Select a starting roster. It needs to be four singles wrestlers and one tag team. Hire all to 52 cards. You will need three titles: a main singles title, a TV title, and tag team titles. If you should happen to end up later with a large number of cruiserweights or female wrestlers, feel free to add a title for those as needed. You'll be running run card a week with usually 5 or 6 matches per card. No supercards so a 52 card contract ends up being the same as a one year deal.

On your first card, your four singles will face four mystery opponents and your tag team will face a mystery team ("m" key gives you mystery opponents).

Within the next few weeks, you need to hold matches to decide your champions. You can decide them however you want.

You can only hire people via the "m". When someone's contract is up, you may only rehire them for 6 cards. The original TNM-RG rules only allowed for resigning someone once but most people who did these circuits would resign a wrestler as many times as they want (and that the wrestler is willing).

When the year is up, its traditional to recap the year listing title reigns, Match-of-the-Year, and such. As for your "mainstays" who got the 52 card contracts, you can rehire as many as you want for 52 cards (if they are willing) or you can replace them with other wrestlers. Either way, you need to go into each year with 4 singles wrestlers and a tag team signed for 52 cards.

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