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What Is An "Easter Egg" ?
Aside from the traditional meaning of "Easter Egg" (the multi-coloured semi-round thing which people eat around Easter), there's another meaning of the term. When speaking about computer programs - applications and games -, an Easter Egg refers to a feature that is well-hidden and not publicised. Finding these Easter Eggs can and will take some time and energy - but if you do find them, the reward will be great.

Easter Eggs In TNM 7 First Edition
Click here for a comprehensive list.

Easter Eggs In TNM 7 Second Edition

There are seven Easter Eggs (hidden features) in TNM 7 Second Edition. Unlike the Easter Eggs in TNM 7 First Edition, these are all but small changes. Every one of them is going to come in very handy. If and only if you've found all seven Easter Eggs, an eighth "Master Easter Egg" will be activated in the program. If you also manage to track that one down, you'll rightfully be able to proclaim yourself the Master Of All TNMs. 

Since you have to do very particular things to unlock the Easter Eggs, Oliver writes about them in vague terms and drops a hint or two which will help you get on the right track. All Easter Eggs require that you schedule certain matches whereas the match you have to schedule to unlock an Easter Egg will have a real background in wrestling.

For instance, if there were an Easter Egg which when unlocked would allow for moves where both combatants can be pinned at the same time, the match you'd have to schedule could be Ric Flair vs Rick Steamboat. A classic encounter between the two of them in 1994 had such a finish. The Easter Egg you unlock with a certain match did happen historically in that particular match. Happy Hunting! 

Easter Egg #1 is something that has been missing from some of the matches but been available for all others. Ten years ago, there was a giant pay-per-view where a wrestler debuted and completely destroyed the opponent he'd be hooked up with in the months to come. 

Easter Egg #2 is a match type currently missing in TNM 7 which has only been scheduled one time in wrestling history so far. While the two wrestlers that will unlock this match type weren't alone in the ring that night, they were the perfect team... one a predator, the other a cook. But together they couldn't last. 

Easter Egg #3 could have come in handy, had then-WWF president Jack Tunney been using it - although it would have meant that wrestling history had taken a completely different route had officials noticed what went on behind the referee's back in Atlantic City, New Jersey. There are millions of possibilities how the future could have developed, from sanity to madness, but there is only one combination that will unlock this Easter Egg. 

Easter Egg #4 is something that after unlocking happens rarely in matches but adds more colour. This match didn't take place in Hollywood, even though it had true silver-screen star power, and had the fans in the north on their toes... in a totally unexpected way. 

Easter Egg #5 will change the way wrestlers and referees interact in TNM 7 forever. Using razor-sharp thinking, can you come up with a feud from the legendary WCW-days where referees dropped like flies when a wrestler constantly lost due to the other's interference? 

Easter Egg #6 might be the natural reaction to Easter Egg #5, although it takes somebody very special to pull it off. Come to think of it, in the 16 years I've been a wrestling fan, there have been maybe three who had the guts. Finding this one could be quite an undertaking, even though there might be an easy way to catch this Easter Egg red-handed... 

Easter Egg #7 has to do with accuracy in assisting others. Think of a fantastic tag team title match involving a cage but with none of the competitors in it. But hurry up - if you don't find it by midnight, it may be too late! 

And finally the
Master Easter Egg... historically, it has always been important to protect your kings and queens because if they lost a war, it would have all been over. Finding this Easter Egg is the ultimate challenge. Two great powers, ready to explode... two kings, two leaders, two captains. "Two" is the magic word here as there are two ways of solving the puzzle - one in wrestling and one outside. Match up the legendary captains of wrestling or of another fleet and the ultimate Easter Egg will be yours - a new rule to end matches.

And now for the spoilers...








Easter Egg #1  
How: Have Giant Gonzalez eliminate The Undertaker from a Royal Rumble match. 
What: Interference in Battle Royals unlocked. 
Info: Ensure you have it spelt "Gonzalez" and not "Gonzales". Over the top rope eliminations must be on. 

Easter Egg #2
How: Have Shawn Michaels pin Triple H. 
What: Elimination Chamber match. 
Info: Match must end with Sweet Chin Music, only Triple H will work, not Hunter Hearst Helmsley, World Heavyweight Title must be on the line (defended by HHH). Match will only be available in the circuit it's unlocked in, pre-Beta 16. 

Easter Egg #3
How: Have Randy Savage beat Ted DiBiase in a Tournament Final. 
What: Match interference is now highlighted on card results, letting you know if a wrestler attacked someone, and who it was. 
Info: Match must end with Flying Elbow, vacant WWF title must be on the line, use C and R to continue and restart matches where needed. 

Easter Egg #4
How: Have The Rock pin Hollywood Hogan. 
What: Wrestler Specific Crowd Chants. 
Info: Match must end with the Rock Bottom (although WMX8 actually ended with the People's Elbow), it must be Hollywood not Hulk Hogan, must be The Rock, not Rocky Maivia. 

Easter Egg #5
How: Have Scott Hall lose via interference from Larry Zbyszko. 
What: Wrestlers will now randomly attack refs. 
Info: Hall must lose by pinfall, Zbyszko may need to be directly involved in the finish, check spelling of "Zybszko", may be wrestler specific (Ray Traylor got it for me). 

Easter Egg #6
How: Book The Undertaker versus Kane with Steve Austin as guest referee. 
What: Unlocks interaction between wrestlers/guest referees. 
Info: Result doesn't seem to matter. Let them go at it. 

Easter Egg #7
How: Have the Midnight Express beat The Fantastics in a cage match. 
What: You can change the probability of thrown weapons reaching their intended targets in TweakCirc. 
Info: Match must be pinfalls only, managers must be barred from ringside. New feature is unavailable pre-Beta 16. Midnight Express are Stan Lane and Bobby Eaton, The Fantastics are Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rodgers. If you don't have them, create them. 

Master Easter Egg
How: Hold a match between Jean-Luc Picard and James T. Kirk. 
What: Captain Fall rule available in Tag Matches 
Info: Eggs 1-7 must be unlocked first, result doesn't matter, if Spock interferes, he's firrrrrrrrrrrrred! 
Again, will only be available in the circuit you unlock it in, pre-Beta 16.

Thanks to rptDX316 for providing the spoilers.

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