IWA-MS 2005 Ted Petty Invitational Tournament

[Round One]: Kevin Steen pinned Nate Webb with the Package Piledriver in 0:14:01. Rating: ** 1/2 [Round One]: Josh Abercrombie pinned James Gibson after a Blue Thunder Bomb in 0:19:53. Rating: ** 3/4 [Round One]: Tank pinned Brad Bradley with the Chokebreaker in 0:16:00. Rating: * 1/2 [Round One]: Mike Quackenbush pinned Alex Shelley with the Quackendriver in 0:13:09. Rating: *** 3/4 [Round One]: Joey Ryan pinned Arik Cannon after a spinebuster slam in 0:13:39. Rating: *** 1/2 [Round One]: Skayde pinned Puma with the Butterfly Suplex in 0:04:04. Rating: *** [Round One]: Rainman pinned Chris Hero with the Dark City Street Cutta in 0:20:27. Rating: *** 1/2 [Round One]: Tyler Black pinned Sal Thomaselli with the God's Last Gift in 0:10:27. Rating: ** 3/4 [Round One]: Chris Sabin pinned Marek Brave after a Death Valley Driver in 0:07:23. Rating: *** 1/2 [Round One]: El Generico pinned Matt Sydal after a power bomb in 0:05:28. Rating: ** 1/4 [Round One]: Brandon Thomaselli pinned Delirious after a crucifix in 0:09:06. Rating: *** 1/4 [Round One]: Bryan Danielson pinned Claudio Castagnoli after the Sky High in 0:03:59. Rating: *** Jimmy Jacobs pinned Colt Cabana with the Contra Code in 0:15:51. Rating: *** 1/4 [Round Two]: Tank pinned Kevin Steen with the Chokebreaker in 0:05:40. Rating: ** 3/4 [Round Two]: Skayde pinned Mike Quackenbush after a Frankensteiner from the top rope in 0:03:32. Rating: *** [Round Two]: Chris Sabin pinned Josh Abercrombie after a backdrop driver in 0:08:33. Rating: * 1/2 [Round Two]: El Generico pinned Tyler Black with the Brainbustah in 0:04:39. Rating: ** 1/4 [Round Two]: Joey Ryan pinned Brandon Thomaselli after a Northern Lights suplex in 0:04:07. Rating: ** [Round Two]: Rainman pinned Bryan Danielson with the Dark City Street Cutta in 0:13:59. Rating: **** Marek Brave pinned Trik Davis with the Pinning Spear in 0:04:39. Rating: ** 1/4 Jimmy Jacobs pinned Mickie Knuckles with the Contra Code in 0:12:21. Rating: ** [Round Three]: Skayde pinned Tank with the Butterfly Suplex in 0:07:44. Rating: ** [Round Three]: El Generico pinned Chris Sabin with the Brainbustah in 0:06:41. Rating: ** 1/2 [Round Three]: Rainman pinned Joey Ryan after a chokehold in 0:02:04. Rating: *** The Iron Saints (Sal Thomaselli and Vito Thomaselli) defeated Rainman and Tank when Vito pinned Tank after the Italian Curb Stomp in 0:06:47. Rating: ** 1/4 Elimination Match: Super Dragon, Claudio Castagnoli, Joey Ryan and Alex Shelley beat Nate Webb, Puma, Brandon Thomaselli and El Generico 4 falls to 1: x B. Thomaselli beat A. Shelley via the Air Raid Crash in 0:05:59 x S. Dragon beat N. Webb via the Psycho Driver 2000 in 0:10:27 x J. Ryan beat B. Thomaselli via the Albatoss in 0:18:53 x S. Dragon beat Puma via the Psycho Driver 2000 in 0:29:16 x S. Dragon beat Generico via the Psycho Driver 2000 in 0:32:55 Survivors: Super Dragon, Claudio Castagnoli, Joey Ryan Rating: ** 3/4 [FINAL]: Triangle Match: Skayde defeated El Generico and Rainman: x Skayde beat Generico via the Butterfly Suplex in 0:09:00 x Skayde beat Rainman via the Butterfly Suplex in 0:11:23 Rating: *** 3/4 Card rating: ** 3/4 Match observations:
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Peter Abram, 12-23-2005