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The wrestler export packs are listed by promotion. Simply click on the name of the export pack to download. Some of the export files will in in the form of text documents, but just import these as normal. Lists of the wrestler exports that are found in every pack are situated below each one. Please note that the manager, valet and commentator exports may not be accurate. If you find any discrepancies with any of the exports, if you experience any problems with them or if you want to send me any of your wrestler exports so that I can post them on this page, please e-mail me.

TNM Export Templates by Troy Perry
A set of ‘templates’ for export creation in TNM, where Troy took the generic move sets in Wrestling Spirit 2 and converted them to template exports, each with: a minimum of 35 moves, dives/corner moves where applicable, styles checked, and a few logical traits here and there (e.g. the Powerhouse template has no-sells checked). The idea being that they can be used as a ‘base’ to create workers that you cannot find an export for. The full list of templates (18 in total) are: Babe, Brawler, Entertainer, Hardcore, Jobber, Joshi, Lightweight, Luchador, Man Mountain, Powerhouse, Regular, Spot Monkey, Strong Style, Super Junior, Technical, Triple S, Versatile, Women’s. There is also a text file attached containing a brief description of each.

Click on the links below for your exports of choice:

All Elite Wrestling (AEW)


Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW)

Deep South Wrestling (DSW)

Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW)


Florida Championship Wrestling

Frontier Wrestling Alliance - UK

Full Impact Pro (FIP)

Heartland Wrestling Association (HWA)

Impact Wrestling

Independent Circuit

International Wrestling Syndicate (IWS)

Irish Whip Wrestling (IwW)

IWA Mid-South


Jersey All Pro Wrestling (JAPW)


Major League Wrestling (MLW)


National Wrestling Alliance (NWA)

New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW)

NWA Anarchy


Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW)

Old School

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG)

Ring Of Honor (ROH)



World Championship Wrestling (WCW)

World Wonder Ring Stardom

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

Wrestling Society X (WSX)

Xtreme Pro Wrestling (XPW)